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Periodontitis treatment with medical leeches

Periodontitis is a fairly widespread disease in which periodontal tissues become inflamed. It carries a very unpleasant sensation and reduces the quality of life: bleeding and swelling of the gums, loosening of the teeth, pain when biting and chewing food appear. Naturally, the first thing is to urgently contact a specialist in the clinic.

After examination, the doctor will select the correct treatment. It can be traditional:

special therapeutic toothpastes;
lotions and rinses;
medical brushing;
And it may be unconventional, but very effective and common at the present time.

Periodontitis treatment with medical leeches
Hirudotherapy is a method of alternative medicine, the treatment of human diseases with the help of a medical leech. Many are familiar with this method and know what hirudotherapy is, but do not even suggest that they can be used in dental practice of various profiles (therapeutic, orthopedic and surgical).

But this method found its main application in diseases of the oral mucosa and in the treatment of patients with various degrees of gum disease (periodontal disease – treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis). The method can be applied for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes.

The effectiveness of hirudotherapy in the treatment of periodontitis has been proven and confirmed by a number of studies. This treatment gives a longer healing effect than traditional methods. Symptoms of the disease disappear for several years, and sometimes do not even resume at all. While with normal procedures, you will forget about the disease for only six months or a year.

Medical leeches. What are they like?
There are over 1000 types of leeches. They live in water and humid areas (lake, sea, swamp, ponds). Leeches vary in different sizes, can reach up to 20 cm in length. The leech has front and rear suction cups. Proboscis leeches have a large anterior suction cup with muscular proboscis. With suction cups and chewing jaws, leeches can absorb blood.

How is the treatment?
Hirudotherapy should be preceded by a thorough rehabilitation of the oral cavity. Next, the hirudotherapist puts leeches on the problem areas of your gums. Using suction cups and chewing jaws, leeches absorb blood. The size of a leech is small at first, then it, sucking up blood, grows, after which it disappears. It should be noted that they mainly suck 2-20 ml of blood for 10-30 minutes.

A leech pumps out “bad” blood and injects hirudin, which dilutes the blood. A leech during its therapeutic action introduces more than 20 microcomponents into the body and has immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, thrombolytic and a number of other, vital and useful properties.

As a result, blood supply to the gums is restored, pain disappears, and then inflammation and bleeding of the gums are completely removed. And you are no longer afraid of the terrible consequences of periodontitis in the form of tooth loss.

The course is 5-10 procedures, with an interval of 1-3 days. After 3 months, the course is repeated according to indications. The method is well tolerated by patients, but has a number of contraindications: anemia, pregnancy, individual intolerance and others. Consult a doctor for advice.

It will be difficult for many to decide on hirudotherapy. Someone does not believe in unconventional methods of treatment, someone does not like the leeches themselves, someone simply is not able to accept this for aesthetic reasons. Many are little informed about such treatment. They have many unanswered questions, which means that without receiving an answer, they are not resolved on the procedure.

But if you read more about these amazing creatures and understand that leeches are extremely neat creatures grown in licensed medical institutions, then you will understand: leeches are wonderful healers!

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