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Remineralization of tooth enamel

Better to prevent than to cure. It is this argument that was used during the procedure of remineralization of teeth – an alternative method of treating caries, as opposed to rehabilitation and filling. The cause of the carious lesion is the influence of a microorganism, which in the process of its life releases acids that damage the enamel and structure of the tooth. In the process of destruction, the mineral structure of the tooth is thinning.

Remineralization is a response process that is aimed at saturating the tooth structure with mineral compounds that restore the healthy state of the tooth by preserving the enamel of the protein matrix.

Process physiology
The basis of the mineral structure of the teeth is fluorine and calcium, which in percentage terms occupy 57%. In their totality, the ratio of calcium and fluorine is uneven, but fluoride is responsible for the enamel resistance to acidic conditions. Calcium in combination with fluorine give a bond that simultaneously strengthens the tooth and resists the external environment.

Therefore, the remineralization procedure is carried out using compositions that combine calcium and fluorine compounds in oxides. In addition, saturation of the enamel structure with fluorides is additionally prescribed in order to resist the release of calcium without connection with a pure fluorine element.

Conditions for saving the result from the remineralization procedure:
Preliminary teeth must be thoroughly cleaned. This will ensure full contact of the tooth surface with the composition.
The composition must be kept in contact with enamel for a long time. Therefore, during the procedure, eating and brushing are prohibited;
The composition must necessarily contain the initial substances – calcium and fluorine in the form of ions, which easily enter the structure of enamel.
Indications for the procedure
Remineralization is a therapeutic procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis. It is shown in the following cases:

The absolute number of patients who suffer from caries. Especially if alternative attempts have already been made. Remineralization will help to repeatedly increase the service life of fillings;
If the teeth are depressed, for example, with vitamin deficiency in children or pregnant women. As preventive measures against caries for children of preschool and primary school age;
When a “whitish spot” occurs – the initial site of caries nucleation. Coating the stain with the composition contributes to its disappearance or stopping;
With strong tooth sensitivity – fluorosis, this procedure will create the effect of enamel strengthening and the effect of reducing sensitivity due to restoration;
After teeth whitening, a process of enamel thinning occurs. In this case, the procedure will be protection against painful manifestations;
With any orthodontic diseases and their treatment, when the tooth is susceptible to depressive effects due to circulatory disorders.
Remineralizing therapy
For our patients, we use the following scheme:

Thorough cleaning of the oral cavity by professional specialists with the removal of all deposits: stone and plaque – in order to give the teeth a healthy appearance;
The use of a special gel that saturates the structure of the tooth. It can be used at home, acquiring it in our clinic, after detailed consultations;
Applications are outpatient in our clinic, taking 2-3 times a week. The procedure does not take more than half an hour.
Result of tooth remineralization (or treatment of caries without drilling)

Result of tooth remineralization (or treatment of caries without drilling)

Sign up for a consultation
An individual course of duration is selected for each patient, which depends on the stage of the caries lesion. Treatment lasts from a week to a month and a half. Preventive measures are also carried out, which consist in the use of a remineralization gel 2 times a year during scheduled examinations by a dentist.

The patient, when contacting our clinic, also receives the benefit of saving money, since we have the lowest prices in Moscow. An application for visiting the office can be submitted right now or by direct contact.

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