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Orthosnap transparent mouth guards for aligning teeth

OrthoSnap is a new system from the United States, the fruit of many American orthodontists. In appearance, the system consists of ordinary hollow mouthguards (eliners) made of plastic material that fit very tightly onto the teeth. The specificity of the material is its transparency, the mouth guards are completely invisible on the teeth.

Correction of various shortcomings and defects is the main purpose of the system. A constant pressure is exerted on the teeth, the teeth move and align in the same plane. The system is not the first on this path of correction, but it is distinguished by an innovation in manufacturing, which made Ortosnep unique.

Each tooth is affected by its strength, since the mouthpiece has a different thickness relative to each tooth and has an individual effect. The effect is much faster than with simple brackets and similar systems.

Diagnostics at the clinic
The clinic “One to one” presents all the methods of perfect diagnosis, which allows you to identify all possible violations and abnormalities of the development of the dentition. These include:

X-ray in various projections;
Staining teeth with a composition to detect irregularities;
All types of inspection.
The procedures are performed by qualified and experienced doctors and clinic staff.

Pros of Orthosnap Eliners
This innovation is generally intended for patients who suffer from malocclusion and discomfort in the mouth. Compared with braces, you can outline the following advantages:

Full transparency due to special cleaning silicone.
Silicone material is completely safe from the point of view of an allergic reaction. Silicone is safe and cannot mechanically damage the cheeks, gums and mucous membranes.
Ortosnep does not interfere with the usual way of life. They can be removed during the period of eating food or brushing your teeth. Braces in this respect are inferior in all respects with eternal “stuck pieces of food.”
Ease of manufacture has a positive effect on pricing. Mouthguards are not very expensive, and their usefulness is undeniable.
Advantages in no way add up to the period of wearing, it is even slightly lower than that of metal brackets and bite correctors.

Who is shown Ortosnep Eliners
The range of action of silicone caps is extensive, but the most common aberrations include the following list:

Diatema and tremas in the oral cavity;
Front teeth crowded in moderate progression;
The bite is open, cross or hollow, that is, a variety of violations;
Teeth twist along its axis;
Indenting the teeth inward or protruding relative to the general row;
Splicing of tooth roots and curvature of the general structure.
It should also be noted that the Ortosnep eliners are applicable only for anomalies and deviations of moderate complexity, in more complex cases more orthodox methods are required.

Difficult cases
The fact is that wearing a cap always leads to minor complications, such as:

Displacement of the root in the gum;
The gums may begin to bleed a little, due to tooth displacement at the end of the gum surface;
Minor septic disorders.
But the main thing is not this, but that all possible violations can be easily overcome with qualified help at the One-to-One Clinic.

The nuances of Kapp Ortosnap
At the first treatment, all possible violations of the dentition are revealed, and on the second, a pair of individual drops is already issued for the dentition. There are a number of characteristic and rigorous rules:

The system is designed to be worn constantly; removal is only possible during eating and cleaning. 20 hours a day – optimal wearing time. There may be exceptions, but it is advisable to minimize them.
Wearing one pair should not exceed two weeks. Replacing the cap with new ones should be combined with an appeal to the orthodontist to determine improvements and change the parameters of the silicone cap. The occurrence of discomfort is a normal factor that is associated with tooth displacement.
The last mouth cap is rotainer. It is worn for 3 months, but 12 hours a day. It is represented by several rigid forms and a strong corrective action.
Braces-free tooth curvature treatment

Orthosnap transparent mouth guards for aligning teeth
OrthoSnap is a new system from the United States, the fruit of many American orthodontists. In appearance, the system consists of ordinary hollow mouthguards (eliners) made of plastic material that…


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