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Zirconia crowns

High strength is the main property of zirconium dioxide, which is used in dentistry in the manufacture of crowns and complex structures. Another valuable quality is that this material is harmless to humans, does not cause negative reactions when installing products.

Benefits of Zirconia Crowns

Indications for installation
Zirconium crowns are most acceptable if the front or chewing teeth were injured or if there were carious lesions on the teeth. This material is preferably used when replacing obsolete restoration structures. It is effective in the absence of posterior teeth and damage to hard tissues.

There are some diseases of the blood, endocrine system, in which other types of prosthetics are impossible. Zirconium products are not contraindicated in these cases.

What are the benefits of zirconia?
Crowns made from this material have several advantages over other crowns:

zirconium designs are identical to natural teeth in shade and degree of transparency;
the strength of the material is not inferior to the metal, so it is possible to install crowns both on the front and on the chewing teeth;
due to the small thickness of the zirconium structures, it is not necessary to sharpen the tooth surface;
for a long time, crowns retain color and brightness;
products do not damage soft tissues;
All designs are kept in good condition for up to 15 years.
Zirconia crowns transmit light and look aesthetically pleasing

The sequence of steps for installing crowns
From the first visit to the dentist to the final installation of the crown or prosthesis, several stages go through.

The first provides for compulsory treatment. In the course of it, seals that have become unusable are replaced, newly formed carious cavities are sealed. This will eliminate possible problems when using new products and will avoid new prosthetics.
Then proceed to grind the teeth. Upon completion of this and other preparatory procedures, the teeth are scanned. In the process of processing this data on a computer create a three-dimensional model of the product.
The crown manufacturing step takes a certain amount of time, so the prepared teeth are covered with temporary plastic crowns.
Zirconium crowns are a framework of special durability. It is covered with painted porcelain to give the desired shade and final shape. Moreover, a dental technician burns each layer with porcelain in an oven. This gives strength to the shell.
At the next doctor’s appointment, finished products will be tried on, they will determine if shades and shapes need correction. If necessary, the product can be sent to dental technicians for finishing.
At the final stage, the product is fixed on the teeth with special cement.
Product Care
There is nothing unusual in caring for such crowns or dentures. You need regular cleaning, rinsing after eating. With solid foods you need to be careful – it is better to exclude nuts, candies, do not gnaw ice. Dental floss can be used. Also, do not forget to visit the dentist once or twice during the year.

You can install zirconium oxide crowns in our One-to-One clinic. All the steps described above are strictly followed – you will receive an updated and healthy smile.

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