Clinic after staff training.
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Ultrasonic toothbrushing
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Dentist - it's not scary at all
The panic fear of medical procedures per se and visits to the dentist in particular, unfortunately, is not unique to children. Many of those who have long since left preschool…

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Why can’t good dentistry be cheap?

Dental treatment is required for absolutely everyone, so the demand for dental services remains stably high. In Russia, there have recently appeared many clinics that compete with each other. Due to the high competition, many are starting to lower prices in order to attract more patients. In some cases, this is justified and does not lead to deterioration of treatment, but significant dumping still implies a decrease in the quality of services. Where is the border, after which price reduction begins to affect quality? Let’s figure out what the cost of dental services is made up of.

Color matching veneers
Selection of shades of veneers in the clinic “One to one”

Quality of equipment and materials
Consumables and equipment – the most expensive cost item for the clinic. The manufacture of instruments and tools in dentistry involves a large number of tests and studies. After manufacturing, equipment and tools undergo a quality control to eliminate errors during operation. At the same time, the tools used in dentistry, prosthetics and implantation very quickly become unusable. For example, cutters for dental implants “work” several dozen times, after which they must be replaced with new ones.

The use of analogues of the original expensive products can significantly reduce the cost of treatment. At the same time, quality is deteriorating: unlike the originals, analogues do not pass the appropriate tests and checks. They are simply “copied” from the original, often with a significant loss of functionality. The result of working with non-original equipment is unpredictable.

Using quality equipment allows you to plan treatment for a long period and avoid surprises. For clarity, the doctor can perform 3D modeling of the treatment result. The patient will be much calmer if he is sure that he is undergoing treatment with high-quality equipment and has complete information about the progress of the procedures.

Invisible braces
Installing invisible braces will not ruin your smile

Clinic cost
The costs of maintaining order in the clinic and salaries of medical staff also occupy an important place in the overall picture. The clinic premises must comply with special requirements and hygiene standards. Equipment from time to time requires maintenance by an engineer who also receives payment for his labor.

Patients are much more pleasant to come to a clean and comfortable clinic, where they are met with a smile by the administrator. During a visit to the dentist, most people experience stress. Treatment in conditions of friendliness and care of the medical staff is much more comfortable for the patient.

Hygienic toothbrushing
The result of brushing your teeth in our clinic

Doctor’s qualifications
Doctors spend many years improving their skills and gaining experience. A good specialist appreciates his work and will not underestimate the cost of providing services. He values ​​his reputation and does not earn on a large number of patients, but thanks to the quality of treatment. Even when using high quality materials and equipment, only a specialist with sufficient qualifications will be able to conduct effective therapy. The human factor in medicine most determines the quality of treatment.

Front teeth restoration
Restoration of the front teeth, the result of “before” and “after” in the clinic “One to one”

Therefore, when choosing a clinic should not be guided solely by the issue of price. Of course, it plays an important role, ceteris paribus (quality of equipment and skill level of employees), but you should not save on your health, risking being a victim of incorrect treatment.

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