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Purulent pulpitis

Acute pulpitis is manifested by severe pulsating pains that can give in the temporal, ophthalmic, ear region. But if earlier the only method of treating the disease was the complete removal of the damaged tooth, now dentistry has moved much further and the tooth can be saved.

Pulpitis is an inflammatory process in the very middle of the tooth, most often caused by streptococcal infection. Under the enamel and dentin is the pulp, soft connective tissue. Its inflammation brings a person a lot of unpleasant pain.

Causes of pulp inflammation:

penetration of bacteria and toxins due to untreated caries;
injuries to the tooth or gingival region;
the use of strong antibiotics.
Purulent pulpitis
Purulent pulpitis of the client who applied to the clinic “One to one”

Symptoms of the disease
In the initial stages of development, pulpitis is accompanied by short-term pain of moderate severity. In the absence of proper treatment, the inflammatory process flares up with renewed vigor, harmful fluid accumulates in the pulpar chamber – purulent exudate, which leads to swelling of the mucous membrane and intolerable, incessant pain that spreads throughout the jaw and extends to the temple, eye socket and ear region. Often, running pulpitis causes an increase in body temperature to 38-39 degrees. The consequences of untimely treatment are extremely dangerous. If you leave the disease unattended and take no action, this can lead to complete intoxication of the body and even death.

The most advanced stage of the disease is purulent pulpitis. Without the provision of qualified dental care, it will lead to acute periodontitis and the development of necrosis of pulp tissue.

Treatment methods
After a thorough examination of the oral cavity and radiography to confirm the diagnosis, the dentist will open the pulp chamber to drain the purulent substance, thereby reducing pressure in the pulp area and freeing the dental canals. After removal of all affected areas, the pulp and dental canals will be treated with disinfectants to prevent re-development of inflammation. The gingival region and pulp gradually regenerate and restore their normal functions. All procedures are performed under anesthesia.

Treatment of purulent pulpitis
Stages of treatment of purulent pulpitis in the clinic “One to one”

The danger of spontaneous dissection of the pulp lies in the ingestion of purulent fluid into the destroyed area of ​​the tooth and the spread of inflammatory processes. There is a risk of transition of pulpitis to the chronic stage and complete destruction of the tooth.

Do not take the state to extremes. Every minute of delay is fraught with serious consequences for the body. With timely treatment to One-to-One dentistry, experienced doctors can save you from inflammation, eliminate all pain and completely restore dental health. Pulpitis treatment in our clinic is the key to a successful recovery and a quick return to normal life.

Modern treatment
The One-to-One Clinic conducts regular promotions that can help you treat your teeth profitably. In our work, we use only quality and safe materials from trusted manufacturers!

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