The procedure for examining a patient and filling out a case history with orthopedic treatment
Complaints at the moment: violation of chewing, esthetics, tooth mobility, tooth sensitivity, pain in the TMJ, pain under the base of a removable denture, poor fixation, pain in the tooth…

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Irrigator - an indispensable device for the care of dental implants
Patients who have undergone dental implants or have pins are probably familiar with the concept of “irrigator”. Perhaps not everyone knows what exactly he is and how to use it…

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Somatic and oral conditions
Patients should be encouraged to take a responsible approach to treatment, not rely on the rapid achievement of good results in eliminating complex disorders, not rely on a miracle. The…

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The effect of posture on the bite

The human body is a single whole, so any problem should be solved in a complex. So, the reasons for the formation of a malocclusion can be various malfunctions in the body. One of the prerequisites is a violation of posture, since problems with the spine can lead to serious problems with the teeth.

Posture and Bite
Scheme of posture and occlusion dependence

To correct a malocclusion, dentists use orthodontic constructions, and at the same time, orthopedists are engaged in strengthening the muscles of the whole body. Only returning the muscles to their original amplitude and strength can remove spinal disorders.

The sooner treatment is started, the less time the correction process will take, therefore, these diseases are most easily treatable in childhood. During the growth and development of the human body, correction of occlusion pathology is carried out by stimulation or, conversely, by slowing down the growth of the jaws. Correction of occlusion and posture in adult patients is a more difficult, but feasible, task. With the help of modern technologies and new techniques, it is possible to obtain positive results.

Best bite correction methods in adult patients
In the “One to One” dental clinic, only highly qualified specialists work using all known methods for correcting malocclusion.

Bracket systems are the most common non-removable orthodontic constructions used to correct malocclusion in adults. For their manufacture, safe and durable biocompatible materials are used. Bracket systems can be mounted on the internal (lingual) system or on the outer surface of the teeth. Bracket systems are selected by the doctor for each patient individually. If the patient has significant deformity, then surgery may be required.

Bracket system
Bite Treatment at the One-to-One Clinic

What will happen if you do not correct the wrong bite
An aesthetic defect is the most common reason forcing patients to consult a doctor, but by no means the only one. Malocclusion abnormalities can lead to:

periodontal disease;
destruction of the back teeth, since it is on this area that the maximum load falls;
pathologies of the temporomandibular joint;
problems with chewing and swallowing, which intensify over time;
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
In some cases, a malocclusion can complicate or even make dental prosthetics impossible.

Dentistry has stepped far forward and today it is possible to eliminate even the most serious bite pathologies. Of course, such corrections take time and patience, but in the end the patient completely gets rid of problems and gets the opportunity to smile beautifully and naturally.

Modern treatment
The One-to-One Clinic holds regular promotions to help treat dentition bites. In our work, we use only quality and safe materials from trusted manufacturers!

If you want to use the bite correction service or learn more about prices, you can call us and our consultants will be happy to answer your questions.

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