Dental prosthetics
Silver Alloy Root Inlays An intra-root prosthesis made of silver alloy can be installed in all cases when at least a small part of the stump protrudes above the gum.…

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Dental implant technology
Dental implantation is one of the few procedures that can not only visually restore the integrity of the dentition, but also restore its functionality. During the procedure, an artificial element…

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Dental examination by a dentist
Orthopedic dentistry is an extensive, constantly developing section of dentistry, the purpose of which is to restore the integrity of the dentition in the patient. Doctors orthopedists are engaged in…

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Ultrasonic toothbrushing before and after

Cleanliness, as you know, is the key to health. But to achieve perfect cleanliness of the teeth with the help of toothbrushes and threads, even the most advanced, alas, is impossible.

A soft coating will inevitably accumulate in hard-to-reach places, turning over time into a denser formation – tartar. Its favorite place is the edge of the gum, where it forms the edge of the yellowish-brown color, thereby interfering with the full nutrition of the gums and the mineralization of the tooth. If the stone is not removed in time, then sooner or later such inflammatory diseases as periodontal disease, gingivitis, caries will appear. And then the reader may wonder – what kind of text, and where is the confirmation?

And here they are. Incredible stories are everywhere, and a patient with very bad teeth turned to the One-to-One dentistry on Voikovskaya:

The situation cannot be considered hopeless if Lushnikova E.V. is taken for work, a periodontist-hygienist is a true master of his craft.

All cleaning took place in several stages:

Air Flow procedure to remove soft deposits and eliminate yellow plaque and age spots;
ultrasonic cleaning – to eliminate tartar and subgingival deposits;
treatment of gum disease.

Therefore, there is nothing better than prevention: tartar will help to remove laser toothbrushing and ultrasonic toothbrushing, and Air Flow procedure will cope with its predecessor – soft plaque. The whole range of preventive measures is available to patients of our dental clinic.

Dental brushing has gained wide recognition among ultrasound patients due to its painlessness and minimal time – no more than an hour. Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth, the price of which is more affordable every year, gives a good aesthetic effect – clean, shiny and smooth teeth of natural whiteness.

The brushing of teeth is also appreciated for the ease of carrying out and the absence of any damage to the enamel or gums.

How do we brush our teeth
In the One-to-One Dental Clinic on Voykovskaya, a periodontist-hygienist, before cleaning, will evaluate the general condition of the oral cavity, find out if there are inflammatory processes of the gums and mucous membranes, and tooth decay with caries.

He will determine what method of cleaning teeth from stone is preferable in your particular case: laser or ultrasonic cleaning of teeth. The price of the service will depend on the hygiene of the oral cavity as a whole, the prevalence of stone, the presence of gingivitis, etc.

And what after the procedure?
During the examination, the dentist will give recommendations for dental care, teach the techniques of proper brushing techniques, tell you what to look for when choosing toothpastes and brushes.

If you decide to entrust one-to-one dentistry care for your smile, whether it be air flow, laser or ultrasonic brushing, discounts on a flexible system will pleasantly surprise you.

We did not indicate prices for hygienic toothbrushing, as existing shares can significantly reduce the cost of services.

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