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The arsenal of modern dentistry has many methods that can effectively correct a dentition and allow anyone to be proud of a beautiful smile. However, if earlier it was possible…

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Neanderthals used natural painkillers
ADELAIDA, Australia / LIVERPOOL, UK: ancient DNA contained in the mineralized deposits on the teeth of Neanderthals - the extinct hominids closest to modern humans - provided new data on…

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Dental diseases that trigger a headache
Usually migraines provoke a predisposition, or pressure surges, stuffy air, lack of water or visual fatigue. However, there is another important cause of headache related directly to the health of…

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Is it possible to restore a tooth if a piece breaks away from it?

A common situation – an unsuccessfully caught nut or other hard object in food leads to tooth damage right up to a chip. The same thing happens with the bones in the fish or when cracking pieces of ice. Fortunately, the situation is not critical, and almost any damage can be repaired. In this article, we will analyze the types of damage and possible options for tissue repair (restoration).

Types of defects
Enamel chipping – superficial damage to the tooth, can be little noticeable to the naked eye. Nevertheless, it opens access to germs for dentin, increased sensitivity of enamel and caries may occur. Occurs due to exposure to abrasives, frequent aggressive cleaning, exposure to sweets and acids.

Dentin chipping is a more serious bone damage. A strong increase in tooth sensitivity, further destruction of the pulp, throbbing pain and inflammation of the soft tissues are possible.

Chipped pulp damage. The patient experiences severe pain, as nerves and blood vessels are affected. With the further course of the process, the pulp is removed. Of healthy tissues, only the root remains.
What to do if a piece of tooth breaks off?
Rinse your mouth first, it is advisable to make it an antiseptic. Shards can scratch the gum and dig into it, can also be swallowed. You can make a rinse with salt, soda or chamomile, chlorhexidine.
If nevertheless soft tissue is touched, then the blood must be stopped by pressing the swab in the solution.
If the injury is severe, the person is in pain, then it is permissible to press a cold compress against the edema and drink an anesthetic.
You can not eat cold and hot, rough food before visiting a doctor.

A broken off piece will inevitably leave behind uneven edges that will injure the tongue and mucous membrane. Also, the pathological process can be accelerated with excessive growth of bacteria, which occurs among lovers of sweets and in violation of hygiene.

Treatment of molars and primary teeth
Damaged molars restore structurally and aesthetically, paying attention to the smallest details of the relief. The more healthy tooth tissues left, the easier it is to restore so that outsiders will not notice the difference.

Apply the following methods to correct crumbled tooth:

small patches from the composite;
complete implantation.
The method is selected by the doctor after examination and complete diagnosis. In this case, caries and other risk factors are removed. Implantation is the most expensive and radical method. As a rule, a specialist tries to grind a tooth to a minimum and costs with small patches or tabs for enamel.

Aesthetic restoration of teeth

Milk teeth treatment takes place according to a different scheme. Damage must be repaired if there is a risk of bacteria multiplying or sharp chipping edges remain. However, minor defects can not be restored if the tooth falls out after 5-6 months. It must be remembered that healthy milk teeth affect the development of the indigenous, digestion and well-being of the child, so it is worth treating them as soon as possible.

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