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Somatic and oral conditions

Patients should be encouraged to take a responsible approach to treatment, not rely on the rapid achievement of good results in eliminating complex disorders, not rely on a miracle.

The psychological culture of modern Russia is characterized, in particular, by popular healing that has spread recently: television and radio sessions of psychotherapy, meetings of a mass audience with psychics, magicians, sorcerers, and other persons using suggestive methods.

The wide distribution of various magical actions and manipulations, exotic influences and procedures is caused not only by the socio-political tension in our society, which enhances the stressful changes in the psyche of many people, but also by the unformed traditions of using the services of qualified specialists.

As for dentistry, “add fuel to the fire” simple recipes to get rid of problems with teeth and gums that spread the Internet, popular cheap publications for families, housewives and people who are not inclined to strain their intellect.

There are tips quite justified by scientific data or the practical experience of people, but, taken in isolation, they create the illusion of an easy victory over ailments, set the masses to a miracle. In the aspect of serious programs of struggle for health, they play the role of “psychological noise”.

A few examples. Dentists in the US are going to treat their patients with cranberries. Due to the bactericidal action of cranberry juice, the likelihood of caries in its consumers is reduced.

The researcher compares cranberry juice with Teflon for teeth, its components block bacteria from access to enamel. Researchers at the University of Illinois concluded that raisins contain substances that stop the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. (The opposite has always been stated: raisins are bad for teeth – it has a lot of sugar and it sticks to teeth.)

“Propolis is a fighter against caries,” we read on the Internet. Scientists have known for a long time that propolis has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Now researchers at the University of Rochester in New York State have found that propolis is effective in fighting bacteria that cause tooth decay, since it can completely deprive them of the nutrient medium.

“Drink tea and your teeth will be fine,” Japanese scientists assure. According to researchers, black tea contains components that interact with a pathogenic bacterium – the cause of gum disease and the formation of “holes”.

Identical data were obtained in Sweden.

All of the above, perhaps, has some significance in prevention, but does such information not create an installation for patients “do not rush to contact dentists”. The simplicity and accessibility of the recommended drugs impresses many:

People crave medicine.
K. Galen (129–201 or 130–200), an ancient Roman physician and naturalist, the founder of ancient medicine

Perhaps more attractive than others is the information that tooth decay is being treated … with kisses, allegedly some processes of saliva formation are intensified.

Nearby you can find information that refutes simplified ideas about overcoming anomalies in the oral cavity. For example, an Internet visitor is warned: “Caution, caries is inherited!”

Dentists from the University of Southern California have discovered that caries predisposition is genetic in nature. If your relative had saliva so poisonous that it corroded your skin and metal, then beware – caries will not slow down to look at you. Will cranberry juice or black tea help in this case?

There are also quite convincing recommendations – they announce omnipotent ways to combat all diseases. For example, it is proposed to eliminate the deficiency of silver in the body, which contributes to the destruction of pathogenic microbes.

Separately taken recommendations are useful and, possibly, help to eliminate, but rather reduce the intensity of manifestations of local phenomena. But they do not eliminate the effect of the causes of pathologies. Another person will read and hear such miraculous advice and think: “But should I postpone the visit to the dentist? Perhaps everything will pass by itself. ”

It is not bad if the dentist recommends new methods of prevention and maintenance of the effects of treatment, which are popular or discovered by science, but the main thing for the dentist is different: To convince the patient of the need to jointly eliminate the causes of the revealed violations in the oral cavity.

One more remark. If it is known that disturbances in the oral cavity are often combined with diseases of internal organs and life support systems, then it is time to create a computer program to detect in patients the connection between diseases of the teeth and gums and the state of the body. This could have a double effect: eliminate the disturbances in the oral cavity and partially restore the general health of the patient.

In justified cases, the presence of a general practitioner is necessary at the receptions. For each patient, the computer reveals a relationship between the condition of the teeth and gums with approximately 60 indicators of general health.

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