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Kappa Inviseline

The arsenal of modern dentistry has many methods that can effectively correct a dentition and allow anyone to be proud of a beautiful smile. However, if earlier it was possible only with the help of braces, today there is an Invisalign system, in which removable transparent mouth guards are used to align the dentition. We will talk about what Inviziline mouthguards are, as well as about the features of the Invisalign technique.

The very name of Invisalign, i.e. “invisible”, and defines the essence of technology. Perhaps this is one of the most modern developments of dentists and orthodontists, which hails from California. Invisalign is a system of invisible mouth guards that is used to treat various disorders of pathologies of molar positions in both adolescents and adults. The technology was patented in 1986, at first it was widely used in America, then in European countries, now it is actively implemented in the former Soviet republics. The company, which is engaged in the production of the Invisalign product, appeared in 1997 in America.

Note that in 2003, the Invisiline technology was introduced into the program of higher American medical schools.

Invisalign mouthguards are designed so that the dentition moves slowly in a given direction when worn, the accuracy of which is modeled using 3D computer technology. Invisalign eliners – removable mouth guards, transparent, almost invisible, which are made to order.

Before undergoing treatment with Invisiline mouthguards, you need to consult an orthodontist and find out if this technique will solve your bite problems. When can I use the Invisalign bracket analogue? As a rule, in the following cases:

there are gaps between the molars;
medium or moderately crowded teeth;
if the previous orthodontic alignment of the dentition did not solve the problem.
In some cases, it is necessary to install conventional braces on one jaw and Inviseline lines on the other to achieve the desired result.

In general, the alignment of teeth Invizeline reduces to the following:

after the first consultation, the doctor removes all the indicators he needs from your teeth, and in a few weeks you will be shown a whole film about how molars with the Invisiline system will change from the first day until the end of therapy. Thus, you can know how much time it will take you to wear transparent mouth guards;
after the action plan has been approved, suitable eliners will be made to order;
your orthodontic doctor will receive a full set of eliners, as well as conduct Invisiline training in the form of instructions and a guide to them, then the mouthguards will be written out based on the progress of treatment;
the doctor will check how well the mouth guards are sitting, whether they are comfortable in you and will give out two or three sets for the next six weeks of wearing. It turns out that wearing each pair during therapy is two to three weeks, then the next pair is dressed. The frequency of visits to your dentist will be once every six to eight weeks.
Note that during therapy, you may need to grind some kind of molar or use composite materials on separate sections of the teeth. This will allow you to control the movement of certain teeth, and also, if necessary, leave room for corrected molars.

At the end of treatment, an orthodontist will advise you to wear retention devices in order to maintain the result.

In any case, during treatment, keep in mind:

Slight comfort at the beginning of using the Invisiline system may or may not be – it is strictly individual.
If you notice changes in diction, then it will fully recover in a period of one to two weeks.
Be sure to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth before putting on mouthguards after eating.
The terms of treatment with Invisiline can be increased if you miss visits to the doctor, wear mouth guards less than the prescribed time or lose them.
This technology attracts a number of advantages:

since the structural elements are made of transparent plastic, no one will guess that the patient is corrected for a dentition;
wearing them does not cause any discomfort, mouth guards are not attached to the teeth, do not have metal connections, if you plan a light snack, you can eat without taking them off;
it is very easy to put on and take off the structure;
when fastening glues and metal are not used;
oral hygiene also becomes not burdensome and is no different from normal.
There are also disadvantages. For example, in view of the fact that the Invisalign device is removable, the patient must understand that a good result depends, first of all, on constant wear, and therefore requires special discipline. The high cost of the device may not be affordable for everyone. The production of materials also takes a long period – at least four to five weeks.

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