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What can be associated with increased tooth sensitivity?

Unpleasant symptoms are familiar to almost everyone and are unmistakably recognized. Teeth begin to react to previously hot coffee, ice cream, tea, cocktails. In advanced cases, even brushing your teeth, cold air in the street cause pain and discomfort. All these are signs of sensitive enamel, which requires emergency treatment. We will analyze the main causes that provoke this condition. Please note that if any of them are found, you need to visit the dentist.

Increased tooth sensitivity

Enamel abrasion due to aggressive cleaning
Many people prefer hard bristles, motivating the choice by the fact that it better and faster cleans plaque, hard deposits. This is true, but at the same time, such brushes literally clean the enamel itself, scratching and thinning it. It would be wise to replace the bristles with soft ones, and only occasionally use the hard option.

It will be even safer to generally postpone abrasive models, take care of your mouth carefully, and entrust dentists with ultrasound and Air Flow technology, powder cleaning. For home hygiene, thick, thick soft and super soft fibers that gently sweep plaque, including from the interdental spaces, are optimal. Almost all modern brands refuse to release hard options, focusing precisely on such models.

Thinning enamel
As a result of aggressive action on the tooth enamel, it has become so thin that it is practically visible

Enamel thinning after hard whitening
The fashion for a snow-white smile has never passed, and your favorite drinks, as a rule, only delay such whiteness of enamel. The constant consumption of coffee, tea, as well as smoking cause a natural yellowing – it is from him that people are trying to rid of home whitening.

Even among professional preparations, aggressive peroxide mixtures are found that can lighten teeth by 6-7 tones per session. Along with this, they negatively affect the enamel, demineralizing it and violating the integrity. An even more dangerous effect is brought by folk remedies for bleaching based on coal, soda. They scratch the surface with small particles, as a result, yellowness quickly returns, and with it pathogenic bacteria and sensitivity to hot and cold.

The main rule of safe lightening: do not try to change the shade by more than 1-2 tones at a time, do not exceed the dosage or exposure time of the composition. Also use only certified dental products or visit a doctor’s office for this.

Enamel erosion from bulimia or gastroesophageal reflux
Bulimia is accompanied by irresistible vomiting after eating, and gastroesophageal reflux is accompanied by heartburn and involuntary upflow of contents from the esophagus. The acidic eructation that occurs in both of these cases consists of gastric juice. Hydrochloric acid in it, even in low concentrations, is harmful to enamel. It provokes small cracks, loss of smoothness and destruction of hard tissue. There is only one way out in this situation: first, focus on the treatment of pathology, and already along the way look for remineralizing pastes.

Erosion of tooth enamel led to the rapid development of caries. Erosion on the outside with dark spots

Exposure of the neck of the tooth
This is due to too hard cleaning, beginning periodontal disease or a natural disposition. The mucous gums open up the neck more and more, and temperature changes and touch are especially felt in this area. A characteristic feature is a visual change – it becomes visible more enamel, and a lighter color, up to a white spot.

This area is especially vulnerable to tooth decay, and you cannot leave it unprotected. A temporary solution will be the use of pastes and drops with hydroxyapatite and fluoride, in the future the doctor will be able to seal this place or restore the missing tissue surgically.

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