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Laser tooth implantation technique

For some reason, it is not customary for people to take care of their teeth in full – in the morning we clean somehow, awake, just because we need to. In the evening – in a hurry, I want to sleep, but again – I just need to. The most interesting thing is that everyone understands that a false jaw will not make life better, and prosthetics, crowns – this is a serious intervention, but all the same circumstances prevail over common sense. But if you suddenly think and seriously decide to keep a healthy snow-white smile until you are old, be sure to read some tips. We assure you – they will be useful.

Teeth need to be cleaned properly. The main method of tooth prophylaxis is brushing. It is only necessary to do this correctly. A trivial brushing back and forth is unlikely to give the expected result. Cleaning should be done carefully, trying to clean out plaque and food debris. Do not forget to polish your teeth from all sides. Of course, the best option would be to buy an electric brush with many nozzles, as well as dental floss for cleaning between the teeth. It is recommended to use such a thread 1-2 times a week. And very carefully so as not to damage the gums.

Proper nutrition is also a guarantee of dental health. This means not only that you can’t gnaw crackers or nuts every day, but use certain types of products that contain healthy substances that are good for your teeth. For example: substances containing complex carbohydrates (pasta and potatoes), minerals and amino acids (dairy products and nuts), as well as vegetable oil, vegetables, fruits.

Keeping track of your overall health means keeping track of your dental health. For example, with a lack of hemoglobin in the body, gums begin to bleed. If the liver is working poorly, teeth will crumble. With a disease of the stomach, the tooth enamel simply collapses. To prevent this from happening, you need to be very careful about your body. Do not drink a lot of alcohol and do not smoke. By the way – teeth turn yellow from alcohol and nicotine.

Visit your dentist regularly. A dentist must be visited at least twice a year. After eating, be sure to use chewing gum. Do not gnaw hard objects and solid foods, as well as nails – among other things, there are many microorganisms under them that are potentially harmful to the teeth. Do not open the bottle with your teeth, do not peel off the plastic caps and packaging.

We treat each patient as a close and dear person, and therefore advice on maintaining healthy teeth is an important part of preventive work. We are sure that you deserve the best. So create this best with our help!
Having lost a tooth, you should not hope that in its place a new one will grow by some magic. To solve this problem, it is enough to simply implant an artificial root. The laser implantation technique provides the fastest and most accurate gum dissection, and also significantly reduces pain.

There is no need to postpone tooth restoration “in the long box”, because soon a “gap” in the dentition will lead to its total curvature, and bone tissue will be depleted in a couple of years. In this case, it will be necessary to postpone implantation for several months in order to pre-implant the bone – sinus lift, which means additional expenses.

Implantation sequence

Initially, a dental laser, pre-programmed for the size of the implant, accurately and accurately dissects the gum. Then the implantologist, having formed a pocket in the jawbone, screws in screws similar to the root of the tooth. After this, the gums are sutured and the implant begins to take root.

After 2-3 months, after waiting for the implant to completely grow into the bone, you can proceed to the next stage of implantation. At this stage, the surgeon will insert a special healing abutment into the implant and prepare for the installation of the abutment. After a week, the shaper is replaced by an abutment, which allows you to firmly install the crown, carefully selected for the natural shade of the teeth. Please note that our clinic offers discounts on dental implants.

Method Advantages

Laser implantation can be performed under local anesthesia, sedation or anesthesia. The duration of installation of one implant in this case does not exceed 20 minutes. This avoids physical and mental fatigue. The diameter of the area of ​​surgical intervention is only 3-5 mm, providing a reduction in pain and minimal blood loss.

In addition, the laser is characterized by antibacterial properties. This avoids the risk of wound infection and provides you with utmost safety.
Implants have a very strong fixation in the bone.

If you are hesitant with choosing a manufacturer of implants, we will provide you with complete information on the best offers on the market. Swiss, American, German, Israeli – we use exclusively titanium implants with a wide range of sizes.

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