Dental treatment exceeded 12.8 billion euros
HALL, Germany: According to a study by scientists from the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) in collaboration with the German company Biotechnology Research and Information Network (BRAIN), people around…

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Dental implant technology
Dental implantation is one of the few procedures that can not only visually restore the integrity of the dentition, but also restore its functionality. During the procedure, an artificial element…

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Dentists are against themselves, or Development without evolution.
We continue to talk about why stomatology clinics have experienced stagnation, while new technologies are constantly appearing and clinics are expanding. In the previous, first part of the article, the…

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Does a person need all 32 teeth?

Nowadays, a personal dentist is not a luxury, but a necessity. Those days, when a beautiful smile was the privilege of TV presenters and actors, have sunk into oblivion. Now each of us is trying to impress others with our health and beautiful appearance. And they really work! It is no secret that the owners of a chipped smile or “golden” teeth can have problems even when applying for a job – in any case, if it is possible to choose other candidates for the vacancy, the probability of failure is greater. And this is not surprising: a person who cares about his reputation in society will be preoccupied with appearance and prosthetics of lower teeth or restore the whiteness of a smile.

Therefore, it is so important to find an experienced dentist who will pay attention to the patient’s problems. Is it easy to find such a specialist? Experience shows that people seek them and, fortunately, find them. Sociological surveys of the last five years demonstrate that patients of private dental clinics were replaced by 3-4 doctors in a short period. And what is needed in order to choose the right clinic and a reliable doctor? Here are some important criteria.

Do not choose a nearby clinic just because you are going to save time on the road. The nearest does not mean the best.

At the entrance to the clinic you note the perfect cleanliness of the premises, you are offered to use the services of the dressing room and give out disposable shoe covers.

In addition to the doctor, an assistant works in the office, which helps him in the treatment or tooth extraction. This is very important, as it is not only an indicator of the welfare of the clinic, but also a sign that the doctor has modern equipment. Alone with all the modern equipment he simply can not cope.

During the procedure, the patient is in a chair, in a reclining position, this is how dental treatment occurs in all civilized countries of the world.

Pay attention to the modernity of the dental unit: it should have a special device that sucks out saliva from the oral cavity, pieces of teeth and filling materials.

The clinic uses modern systems to protect patients from AIDS and hepatitis, all instruments are carefully processed.

In the process of examination and treatment, the doctor and assistant use masks, gloves, appropriate clothing.

All painful types of work are carried out using local anesthesia, they will not be offered to “tolerate” you.

The doctor answers all patient’s questions in an accessible manner, and all dental procedures are agreed in writing and have the form of an agreement. The clinic necessarily gives a guarantee for fillings.

The qualification of the doctor is very important – this and all other points should be clarified before the start of treatment.

It is in our clinic that you will find such specialists and the most advanced reliable materials and equipment. The cozy and comfortable atmosphere of the clinic, the professionalism of doctors – all this will allow you to get the perfect treatment result, which will help to advance in society and life!
Teeth are a very important “set of details” of our body. They perform an aesthetic role, grind food, participate in the formation of speech, make it clearer and cleaner. Why nature has identified 32 teeth for man, and what function each of them performs, you need to know not just because of idle curiosity, but then to correctly assess the importance of caring and caring for your little helpers. Indeed, the state of your health and good mood in general depends on them.

The first tooth appears in a small person when he reaches 6 months of age, and all milk teeth grow by about 3 years. At the age of 6–7 years, they begin to gradually fall out and new, already permanent teeth grow in their place. A 14-year-old must have 28 such permanent teeth. The last four teeth appear at the age of 18–25. These are very problematic and unhealthy wisdom teeth. They grow in all people differently. Some become owners of all four wisdom teeth at once, while others can grow only one or two, but there are people who do not grow wisdom teeth at all.

Teeth differ in their structure and functions. The greatest number are 12 molar teeth, the surface of which has recesses for chewing food. The presence, and if necessary, timely restoration of chewing teeth plays a big role in ensuring the normal functioning of the digestive system. After all, it is they who carefully chew food, which ensures its proper assimilation in the stomach, intestines, etc. In addition to the molars, there are 8 more of their assistants – premolar teeth, which tear off and grind the food. Fangs (there are 4 of them) stick into the food, tearing pieces away from it, and 8 front incisors with a sharp cutting edge directly bite off the food.

The number of teeth that we have today was clearly measured during evolution. Ancient people had to chew rough food and raw meat, so they needed all these teeth.

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