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Dental implantation – full return of teeth

Dental implantation is an excellent replacement for traditional prosthetics, such as bridge or removable. One of the conditions for a good result is a high level of skill and a clear interaction of medical personnel.

This is exactly what the one-to-one dental clinic offers, where operations of such a plan are performed using modern equipment and at a high professional level.

Implant prosthetics

Maxillofacial surgeon, the leading implantologist of the clinic, Alexander Davydov, MD, spoke about the unique capabilities of the latest generation of Atmosphere of Beauty dentistry, the intricacies of dental implantation and the necessary coherence of the dental clinic “One to One” team.

– Alexander Alexandrovich, please tell us in detail about the simultaneous implantation of teeth. Why is prosthetics preferable to other options, and is it always?

– The method of simultaneous implantation allows you to remove the tooth and insert the implant in one visit to the dentist. Together with the installation of the shaft, a dental crown is immediately placed. This is especially important in the frontal area (front teeth), because this preserves the natural gum line. The thing is that in the absence of a tooth for a long time, the gum contour is deformed and then it is quite difficult to return to its original natural state.

– Why is this happening and what is the way out?

– This happens for one simple reason: after tooth extraction or loss, people do not immediately go to the hospital to install an implant. It takes some time and due to the redistribution of the load, the bone tissue is deformed. In this case, the “implantation” of the implant is possible only after surgical transplantation of bone blocks. This operation is called reconstructive surgery. And only after 3-4 months after the “3D-augmentation”, the bone tissue is completely restored, and implantation becomes possible.

How dangerous is this kind of intervention?

There is no danger if the operation is performed by a competent and experienced specialist. In our case, it is a maxillofacial surgeon. In addition, special continuing education courses are constantly held. For example, I took a similar course in Germany. On the basis of the university in the city of Muenster there is a clinic of Professor Houri, where maxillofacial surgeons in Europe improve their professional level. In addition, I had to take part in a number of congresses studying the problems of rehabilitation of patients with complete or partial absence of teeth.

Further. Diagnosis of the degree of deformation of the jaw is carried out using the latest developments in computer technology. A CT scan, for example, allows you to examine the structure of the jaw, especially its part that carries teeth (the alveolar bone) in a three-dimensional image. This helps to more accurately assess the situation, take into account the features of the anatomy and correctly plan the parameters of the dental intervention.

As anesthesia, intravenous sedation is used. The advantage of this method is the absence of inhibition of the respiratory and nervous systems. Toxic effects on the cardiovascular system and the body as a whole are not observed. With sedation, consciousness is turned off, and the patient is immersed in a medical dream. At the same time, he hears the commands of doctors or their requests.

After the operation, the patient is given an antidote and he “wakes up”, and without negative consequences and side effects. The next morning you can already go to your favorite job again.

By the way, the sedation method is also used by us to remove teeth in some cases. For example, when it comes to removing teeth that have not yet erupted (retinned) in order to preserve the orthodontic parameters of the bite and the masticatory system. In this case, a dental intervention can take up to several hours, and it is much easier for the patient to tolerate this procedure in a dream than under local anesthesia.

– If you touched on the topic of orthodontic treatment, then the question that worries many is appropriate: When can I restore an even beautiful smile? After all, before there were age restrictions. And now?

– Now everything has been simplified. You can correct the bite at any age and at 10 and 40 years old. One contraindication is osteoporosis (decrease in bone density). However, in this case, there is a way out: the patient’s bone tissue is submitted for a biopsy, where the density and type of bone disease are determined. After that, based on the received data, orthodontic treatment is prescribed.

Visit your dentist in a timely manner so as not to overpay for further started treatment
Visit your dentist in a timely manner so as not to overpay for further started treatment

– What do you think is important today for a maxillofacial surgeon or dentist?

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