Dental implant technology

Neanderthals used natural painkillers
ADELAIDA, Australia / LIVERPOOL, UK: ancient DNA contained in the mineralized deposits on the teeth of Neanderthals - the extinct hominids closest to modern humans - provided new data on…

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The relationship between periodontal disease and vitamin D
There is conflicting evidence on the relationship between vitamin D and periodontal disease. Studies were conducted to clarify and confirm this connection. Methods The study was carried out: Based on…

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Orthosnap transparent mouth guards for aligning teeth
OrthoSnap is a new system from the United States, the fruit of many American orthodontists. In appearance, the system consists of ordinary hollow mouthguards (eliners) made of plastic material that…

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Star disease at dentists.

Some dentists in assessing their communicative skills are guided by the polite smiles of patients during treatment: they smile, which means they are happy with me. Others are too confident that they can establish contacts with any person. Still others believe that the main thing is manual skills, and the ability to find a common language with patients is the invention of psychologists.

Criticism of the “starring” doctors hinders their pride and self-esteem, a conflict is inevitable. Or it is an internal conflict, when a person experiences a clash between the self I represent and the real self. Or an external conflict, which is accompanied by accusations against management, psychologists, patients. Continue reading

Every dentist should know and be able to!

Professional sociability is a set of skills of a doctor that allows him to exchange information with a patient in order to identify factors that determine the best treatment results, and at the same time provide a psychotherapeutic effect.

The communicative qualities of a doctor should be manifested in a measured manner: it is not required that he shine with eloquence and speak ingratiatively without ceasing. At the same time, the doctor should not be so involved in treatment that it interferes with communication with the patient.

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Somatic and oral conditions

Patients should be encouraged to take a responsible approach to treatment, not rely on the rapid achievement of good results in eliminating complex disorders, not rely on a miracle.

The psychological culture of modern Russia is characterized, in particular, by popular healing that has spread recently: television and radio sessions of psychotherapy, meetings of a mass audience with psychics, magicians, sorcerers, and other persons using suggestive methods. Continue reading

Dentists are against themselves, or Development without evolution.

We continue to talk about why stomatology clinics have experienced stagnation, while new technologies are constantly appearing and clinics are expanding. In the previous, first part of the article, the unsatisfactory state of document-information support of patients from “entry” to “exit” was discussed.

In many clinics, either there is no complete set of legal and medical documents, or they are of dubious quality, and examiners reveal numerous shortcomings in them. This applies to the Contract for the provision of services, a medical card, a questionnaire on the patient’s health, informed voluntary consent to medical intervention, price lists for services, provisions on guarantees. Continue reading

Clinic after staff training.

Heads of clinics and doctors often complain: after consultation, many patients do not stay for treatment, partially implement the recommended plans, or even refuse to follow the specialist’s suggestions, they want to save on everything, but get high-quality treatment and great guarantees. The dentist sincerely wants to help the patient to the maximum extent possible, but the patient behaves strangely, resisting his intentions: “I came to put a seal, and you offer me to take a panoramic picture, to carry out a whole treatment plan.”

One of the reasons for this situation is that commercial dentistry is very behind the growing consumer competence of the recipient of services Continue reading

Somatic and oral conditions
Patients should be encouraged to take a responsible approach to treatment, not rely on the rapid achievement of good results in eliminating complex disorders, not rely on a miracle. The…


The specifics of direct art restoration of teeth
Aesthetic dentistry solves many problems in achieving a delightful smile. One of the techniques related to art restoration of teeth is artistic restoration. In general, the restoration of the tooth…


Laser tooth implantation technique
For some reason, it is not customary for people to take care of their teeth in full - in the morning we clean somehow, awake, just because we need to.…


Does a person need all 32 teeth?
Nowadays, a personal dentist is not a luxury, but a necessity. Those days, when a beautiful smile was the privilege of TV presenters and actors, have sunk into oblivion. Now…