Dental implant technology

If the tooth hurts
Acute toothache cannot be ignored or endured. And the lack of competent treatment entails the development of serious complications. Pain is a warning signal of the body for the presence…

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Dental diseases that trigger a headache
Usually migraines provoke a predisposition, or pressure surges, stuffy air, lack of water or visual fatigue. However, there is another important cause of headache related directly to the health of…

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Dental prosthetics
Silver Alloy Root Inlays An intra-root prosthesis made of silver alloy can be installed in all cases when at least a small part of the stump protrudes above the gum.…

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Dental plaque removal

Dental deposits are the natural formation of soft and hard processes in the oral cavity. Such deposits appear on the surface of the tooth.

Soft. Appear not only on the teeth. They can be on fillings, prostheses. Such dental deposits can be deposited even on tartar. For the most part, plaque is formed due to improper or insufficient oral hygiene. These formations often appear after eating. If they are not well cleaned, they can be transformed into solid ones within a week.
Solid. This is essentially tartar. That is, mineralized deposits that appear as a result of untimely removal of soft deposits. Since this type of sediment is growing rapidly, then, accordingly, the gum is pushed out and bleeds. Continue reading

History of Dental Implants

Today, implantation is perhaps the most advanced method of replacing lost teeth. In any case, this will be so until every person can afford a means for self-healing of teeth, the achievements of which are currently already present in those or other variations.

But up to this point – as it is. Comparing today’s techniques with the first attempts of mankind in this area, we can definitely say that implantation made a leap forward and continues to progress to this day. Its history is no less rich than the history of toothpaste, or toothbrush (which you can also read on our website if you haven’t done it yet), although there are not so many documented cases of its most striking manifestations. Nevertheless, the material for you was collected interesting and you can familiarize yourself with it by clicking on this link: … Continue reading

Refusal of amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings are an ambiguous thing with regard to health effects. Previously, due to the lack of alternatives, countries that completely prohibited or restricted their use up to 90% seemed unreasonable, to some extent. Moreover, in some of these countries, medicine has not shone with innovations anyway, like many other areas of life.

But now a similar decision is being made by the member states of the European Union. At the level of development of EU medicine, they are quite capable of completely abandoning this product. However, here they also approached the matter carefully and thoughtfully. Continue reading

Complications after tooth extraction: how and why?

With problems with teeth sooner or later face 90% of the world’s population. With qualified help, even a running tooth can be tried to be cured with the subsequent restoration of its functions.

With problems with teeth sooner or later face 90% of the world’s population. With qualified help, even a running tooth can be tried to be cured with the subsequent restoration of its functions. However, often, even deep tissue damage affects, therefore conservative treatment in this case is useless. To eliminate the problem, it will be necessary to carry out the extraction procedure, that is, painlessly remove the tooth and its roots with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues. Continue reading

How does “star sickness” develop and manifest?

The chain of symptoms can be easily traced: the specialist mastered a number of modern treatment methods; passed training courses with famous masters; he has a good record of primary patients; there are no complaints about the quality of treatment, or they are rare, or remain undetected; against the background of colleagues, the doctor’s clinical results are no worse, and perhaps better, than those of colleagues; earnings are good; perhaps one of the mentors once praised for skillful hands.

For a person with reduced self-criticism, such a set of self-image is enough to feel the crown in my head and reason like this: “I am a pro”, “I know my job perfectly”, “I will always find a job for myself”. Continue reading

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